Project 1: Liyanna I

Hello, everyone.

I’ve recently made this new blog for the purpose of reaching out to writers, editors, and prospective readers. I’m trying to complete a novel and am open to advice and suggestions from you to make this dream come true.

The novel I’ll be posting have 29 chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue.  I’ve recently completed it but still in need of editing to make it publishable. I’ll be posting each chapter twice a week but you can find the completed version in with the working title Liyanna I: Journey. The genre is fantasy with new age terminology involved. I have added in this site’s menu a page called Liyanna with Cast of Characters, Glossary and Table of Contents for your use. But, if you find the technical jargon too much, just leave a comment.

This is actually my first novel and I don’t own a degree in Literature, Creative Writing or English. All I have is my passion for reading and my growing love for writing.

Again, constructive feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you.



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