Month: April 2014

Updates on Project 1: Liyanna I

The Realms of Ethair Wattpad cover
The Realms of Ethair Wattpad cover

Hello, everyone.

So far, I’ve edited the story to the best of my abilities and it’s available in with a new title Liyanna Book 1: The Realms of Ethair and book cover.

I’ve entered it in a contest as an incentive to finish revising the novel and as a dare to self. Hehehe.

Am still looking for a friend who’s willing to help me make this book more professional/publishable. In the meantime, comments and suggestions are most welcome.


Liyanna I, Part 2: Karina | Chapter 6


Someone shook her lightly by the shoulder. She groaned and turned to the side. Even with eyes closed, the glare of the sun beat at her eyelids. Lying on her back again, she looked up.  Smooth white ceiling without corners nor breaks to indicate the standard painted plywood of home greeted her. The sheets of her bed were soft and smooth, made of fine material unlike the cotton bed covers at home.

Where am I? She rubbed her eyes. Events of the previous night came back to her.

Karina shot up. I haven’t even said goodbye to anyone. Aly must be sick with worry. She threw the covers and… Then what? She was a stranger to this place. The only friend she knew had left her stranded in a house in the middle of the forest. (more…)

Liyanna I, Part 1: Kristina | Chapter 5


The moment her hand touched Arty’s, blinding light engulfed them. At the last moment, she panicked but Kristina couldn’t turn away from his searing gaze and Arty’s viselike grip held her in place.

She would later learn that he and his people use Merkaba to transport one’s self from one-dimensional plane to another. The transfer had taken place in less than a second; but to Kristina, it felt like ages.

The moment they arrived at their destination, Arty released his hold. Without his support, she fell into the shallow waters of a lake. (more…)

Liyanna I, Part 1: Kristina | Chapter 4

What’s the use of knowing how to heal when you can’t even save the person you love? Kristina thought, watching the blue energy ball hover over her palm. It rotated at an angle like a miniature Earth. It was Friday; the fortieth day of her mother’s death. Her sister Aly had flown in from Australia to help with legal documents during the funeral. Their relatives, friends, and classmates had attended and offered condolences and assistance. Their father had died when Aly was eighteen. Now that their mother had passed on, the sisters only had each other. But it was different. There was nobody like their mother to talk about theosophy and New Age concepts and to explain to Kristina what she could see in the ether. (more…)

Liyanna I, Part 1: Kristina | Chapter 3

The graduation ceremony finally ended. Excitement buzzed as the class had arranged to stay at a resort after the commencement exercises. They had decided to rendezvous at Fred’s apartment. Kristina and her friends were the last to arrive. Luggage lay in one corner, the chairs and sofa were occupied with glum faces in the cramped living room. Ina, who coordinated with the resort, had been told that the venue was suddenly reserved and paid for by a TV network for the shooting of a drama series. The personnel had assured them that their deposit would be returned in a week. They waited for Fred, who was talking on the phone with a friend who might just help them find another venue. (more…)