Liyanna I, Part 1: Kristina | Chapter 5


The moment her hand touched Arty’s, blinding light engulfed them. At the last moment, she panicked but Kristina couldn’t turn away from his searing gaze and Arty’s viselike grip held her in place.

She would later learn that he and his people use Merkaba to transport one’s self from one-dimensional plane to another. The transfer had taken place in less than a second; but to Kristina, it felt like ages.

The moment they arrived at their destination, Arty released his hold. Without his support, she fell into the shallow waters of a lake.

It was evening. The gibbous moon and stars shone above them and served as their source of light. People gathered at the shore. They wore robes that fell to their ankles.

A shadow fell over Kristina and was reminded of the person who had brought her here. Arty bent towards her with his hand, once more, outstretched to help her up. He muttered something unintelligible and said sorry when she frowned at him.

They waded toward the group watching them. As they got closer, she saw that their faces were youthful with eyes that held wisdom beyond their years. Their clothes were immaculate that she felt self-conscious of her appearance. Her recent dip hadn’t improved her shabby t-shirt and shorts.

A red-haired man and a platinum blonde woman came forward. They exchanged a look between each other in silent communication. The rest looked on quietly. It was eerie when none of them spoke and held themselves so still that they didn’t seem to be breathing.

Arty and the red-haired man clasped each other’s forearm in greeting, their gazes locked into each other. The man’s forehead wrinkled and spun towards Kristina, his eyes wide with understanding and nodded.

“What is your first name, child?” The man addressed Kristina with a vague accent, his mouth rounding out the words.


“True names are important and should be guarded with utmost caution. For now, you will be called Karina Menesarios. Menesarios is he who has found you and saved you from Them.” He patted her arm. “You may call me Sola and she Sara.” The man gestured towards the woman beside him.

“There are many things Arturion and I have to discuss. We will talk again when next we meet.”

Sola drew his arm around Arty’s shoulder. The man led him and the rest of the company away. Arty looked over his shoulder and smiled. A smile that promised everything will be alright. If only she could trust him enough to stop thinking that they have changed places. She was now the stranger in a much stranger land.

Sara linked arms with Karina and guided her to a road. Three women with matching blue eyes followed at their heels.

“Do not mind them,” Sara spoke. “They are simply curious about you. If you doubt it, then be assured that the Mother protects her people from harm always.” She looked at Karina at the corner of her eye. “You have a question.”

“What happens to those who want to harm you?”

“It has never happened before.” Sara considered it for a moment. “Our world is still a part of yours only to a certain point. You have heard of faeries and spirits, correct?”


“The physical eye does not see these creatures because they stay in another world. Your people would call it a dimensional plane. It is much the same way with ours. Our world is like an onion covered in layers; only, this time, it is less discernible to the naked eye. People who are driven by evil intentions simply cannot see us… It is not easy to explain.” Sara shook her head apologetically. “Our nature is less driven by ego compared to your people. It makes us slow to anger and to take offense.”

“I don’t understand. I’m nothing like you, I’m very much human. Why am I here?” Karina halted, forcing the others to stop as well.

“Did Arturion not tell you?” The woman angled her head to the side. “Your condition is not an illness. Yours is an accelerated state of development.”

“What are you saying?” She took a step back from the woman.

Sara frowned at her confusion.

“Karina, you are evolving.”

Evolution wasn’t the word she expected to hear. Still, it was better than hearing that your days are numbered with a wasting disease. Her mother had died of cancer and she had begun considering the possibility that she also has the same illness.

The rest of the trip was spent in silence as Karina tried to absorb her guide’s information.

Sara explained that Karina’s world, situated in the third-dimensional plane, was shifting. The Mother, the Essence of the planet, had wanted to raise Her frequency for years. She had waited for humans to realize that their destructive actions would continue to deplete natural resources and pollute the environment.

The Mother, however, could no longer risk waiting as the planet was gradually becoming uninhabitable. She had taken matters in Her own hands. Species thought to be extinct were actually disappearing because animals and plants were transferring to a higher dimension.

The human souls were an exception. Having the gift of choice, mankind was given the option either to continue living in a world where people blindly follow those in power; or, to follow the Earth as it ascends to the higher realms, governed by compassion and truth. Humans, who chose the latter, inevitably had to adapt to the changes; hence, their evolution, which some people coined as Ascension.

Half an hour later, they reached a different road. Glass orbs, running parallel the tree-lined paths, glowed softly as they hovered in mid-air.

“Welcome to Merleina. The City of Learning,” Sara spoke.

“Where is everyone?” Trees towered above them, its shadows extending beyond. There were neither buildings nor a living being present. It felt more like a haunted forest than a city.

“Our homes reside beyond these trees.” Sara ushered her past an ancient tree. “It is a countermeasure of a time long past. They formed an alliance with Merleina to protect the city against Them. The tree spirits remain good friends of the community.”

Twigs snapped and leaves rustled in their passage. Karina kept her eyes on the ground made uneven by roots and detritus. Her companions made walking in a dark forest as easy as strolling in a park.

Sara paused. Her hand gestured to Karina to stay behind her. The woman’s face set with calm authority and seemed to stand taller. She stared ahead of her and advanced a step.

Gradually, the trees before them diminished and a narrow path appeared.

Karina heard one of the three sisters sigh.

Sara continued walking and Karina didn’t have a chance to question her guides what had happened.

They arrived at a small round structure which her companions called a house. The look of skepticism must have been etched on her face when she caught the younger of three sisters smother a smile.

Karina was instructed to leave her shoes on a shoe rack next to the door before entering the house.

Inside, her jaw dropped at the number of rooms it accommodated. The external façade and structure of the house had deceived her. A quick scan of her surroundings made her notice that the furnishings were made of fibers, glass, wood, earth, and stone. She made a mental note that there was an absence of metal.

The living area was dominated by a woven carpet of golden whorls. At its center, stood a low circular table; its flat wooden surface balanced on a leg made of slender glass. A stack of papers and glass tablet with etched symbols lay at the table’s edge. Colorful silk pillows littered around the table. The corner of the room, however, made her smile. It was occupied by a floor-to-ceiling glass bookcase, filled with books bound in different colors and various crystals.

“I see that you have noticed the glass room,” Sara said delightedly. “You will have time to read them once you have settled. You will rest tonight and tomorrow, we shall try to answer more of your questions.”

A brief tour of the house commenced, preceded by a hot bath and change of clothes (one of the longish robes but made of lighter material); a cup of the familiar green tea; then, Karina was off to bed.


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