Month: May 2014

Liyanna I, Part 2: Karina | Chapter 16


“Again,” Reno’s voice rang from the other side of the training area.

The morning exercises immediately start after the Dawn greeting. A series of slow fluid movements and breathing techniques, the Indariki was designed for practitioners to maintain the optimum balance of the human body, mind, and emotion. The purpose of the art has changed through the years. (more…)


Liyanna I, Part 2: Karina | Chapter 15


After Atlantis and other cities sank into the depths of the oceans, humanity regressed to a primordial era. Humans turned to planetary beings and called them gods. Those who shifted to higher dimensions as Merleina had done quietly observed the rise and fall of civilizations, particularly the development of humanity.

Travel between the third and fourth dimensions had not been uncommon in Merleina. Unofficially, they became the eyes and ears of the Council. The unspoken rule was to strictly observe and not participate in human affairs. (more…)

Liyanna I, Part 2: Karina | Chapter 14


An infusion of herbs and lavender welcomed her back from oblivion. Karina’s perception of her surroundings was all wrong. Her bed was not in its original position. A cloth fluttered directly above her. The curtain was slightly pulled back to keep the room ventilated. Her recent memories consisted of people’s faces hovering about her. The last she’d glimpsed were long fingers easing her headache before she fell into a deep sleep. The smell of herbs persisted. She glanced at the tray laden with a teapot and a cup, which emitted the strong scent. Beside it, a person sat unmoving with hands folded on her lap. Karina registered the high priestess’ Order’s robes. The pattern of a flower bud identified the person as a member of the novitiate. (more…)

Liyanna I, Part 2: Karina | Chapter 13


One of the reasons he chose to be a Gate Keeper was because he loved the challenges it presented. In his case, identifying people with ascension symptoms like Karina’s were something he looked forward to. Not every individual needed to be transported to the mid-fourth dimension, a plane between the lower and higher fourth dimension. Meetings were always serendipitous, the location and situation varied, and people came from all walks of life.

The tools of his trade: intuition, objectivity, discernment, and his extended senses. (more…)

Liyanna I, Part 2: Karina | Chapter 12


In ages past, Kelor-dan used to blend in with the Merleinans. But, as his forest expanded, his responsibilities grew and his interest with the people of Merleina became limited to the concerns of his domain.

His kingdom and his subjects always came first that many were surprised when a mortal girl had inadvertently diverted his attentions from those he governed. They finally understood the reason when they saw her in the feast. A Liyanna – or soon to be a real Liyanna after their own heart. To have her in their midst was an added bonus for she breathed and radiated life to every living thing within her aura. Their territory would thrive exceptionally with her prolonged presence. (more…)

Liyanna I, Part 2: Karina | Chapter 11


Let her be. Give her time. He had anticipated her departure. She had wanted his honesty. He had given it to her because she deserved to know. Karina had received it too well – too self-composed. She was definitely in shock. She had yet to grasp her situation fully. So, he let her go. Later, he would realize too late that he had misjudged the impact of his news.

Arturion did not follow her. Karina would not take it kindly if she discovered he was shadowing her. He remained in the kitchen and entered into a trance. It was part of his training to discipline the mind and enable him to endure the harshest circumstances. Almost at once, his Higher Self separated from the limits of his physical awareness and his consciousness expanded outward. He felt other creatures’ life force and…Karina’s. Immediately, he cut off his connection. He would not intrude on her privacy. (more…)

Liyanna I, Part 2: Karina | Chapter 10


She didn’t tell Arturion that Kelor-dan had hosted a feast to celebrate her arrival in Merleina. The prince had been a gracious host, attentive to her needs and comfort. He even played a string instrument to the delight of the Court and had led her through several complicated dances. For the first time in days, she enjoyed herself that Karina had completely forgotten about Kala.

The Devatas called her Liyanna, a being of light and air, yet born of earth. The prince’s eyes had shone at the pet name. Kelor-dan had helped her come out of her shell. She had felt truly at one with herself and with everything.

He delivered his promise to take her back to Merleina at sundown. Before he left her, Kelor-dan had kissed her on the forehead and extracted a promise not to forget him.

Reality returned when (more…)