Publishing My First Novel

Hi, everyone.

I’ll be publishing the chapters I’ve posted here and in Wattpad as a novel in ebook format. I’ve been researching a lot on how to have my first completed work published. And I’ve recently decided to take the indie-publishing route. One of the reasons is because the story isn’t very common. Well, I haven’t read anything like it yet, which leads to the second reason: It’s easier to find a reader than a publisher. Third, I don’t want to limit its publication to one country. 

For compliance’s sake, I’m going to have to remove my story for a while from this site since it can only be available in the publishing company for several months.

I’ll be changing the book cover, as well. It needs…work. Haha.

You can still read the remaining chapters in Liyanna Book I: The Realms of Ethair (Revised). I won’t be removing it online for a week.

For those who’ve been following the progress of the story, thank you for your support.

I’ll keep you posted on the status of the novel – when and where it’s available in the market and probably teasers for the next book.




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