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Official Release: The Realms of Ethair ebook

The Realms of Ethair
The Realms of Ethair

Hi, everyone!

I can’t seem to access this account for quite a while now. Something to do with server issues, I guess. Anyway, I’ll keep this one really short.

The good news: The Realms of Ethair by Cecilia Beatriz ebook is up for grabs in Kindle.

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The City of Mysts, Chapter 5


The holidays over, the campus was packed with students again. They were all excited in sharing how they spent their Christmas with their friends and classmates. Fred wasn’t interested in their stories. His thoughts were on imposters, underground forests, labyrinths, Louis and…Electra. He would never again mistake her for Victoria. Electra belonged in a different world and Fred couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“What’s wrong with me?” he said, frustrated.

Three pairs of eyes were looking at Fred making him realize that he had spoken aloud.

“Yeah. What is wrong with you? You’ve been like that since we came back,” Paolo said.


The City of Mysts, Chapter 4


The tunnel was already chilly when Fred had entered it the first time. The place, however, was becoming colder. Fred turned to his right and saw a wall of debris blocking his path for the fifth time. It completely sealed off the passage. He gaped at the destruction before him. What kind of pets does she have to create five impressive cave-ins? he wondered.

“Argh!” he shouted, his voice bouncing off the walls. He kicked the wall, irritated and afraid with the situation he was in and furious with himself for wallowing in self-pity.


The City of Mysts, Chapter 3

The Lady

Fred couldn’t shake off the feeling that Mr. Roucan had a secret. And the floor… was it just his imagination that the girl in the hologram stared at him? Is it even a hologram? The possibility of having a real forest underneath was preposterous. His musings took him to the academy’s park. Then, he saw the girl. Seated on the grass with her back to him, the breeze playing with her hair, she looked nothing like the vain person called Victoria Roucan. The wind shifted to his direction and he felt the chill of the season. The girl wore the same dress he’d seen her in the forest. Automatically, he shrugged off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders. Her eyes opened and looked at him. Fred stepped back, unsettled. She looked exactly like Victoria.

The City of Mysts, Chapter 2

Dreams and Memories

Louis lay asleep on his bed dreaming. A woman with wavy brown hair in a blue silk robe hummed a lullaby to the infant in her arms and to the little girl on the bed. The scene vanished. Covered in darkness, the girl held her baby brother protectively; one hand covered his mouth to muffle his cries. She could hear angry voices from below. Then, gunshots…

“No!” Louis screamed. He sat up, panting heavily. The memory of his mother’s death haunted his dreams. He was only a year old back then; yet, he had been aware of his surroundings.

Louis could still remember his sister trembled with fear that night while she was with him inside a cabinet. After what seemed to be an eternity, help finally arrived. The shooter was apprehended and their parents were taken to the hospital. The police found them a while later, but his sister wouldn’t let him go until their aunt came.

It was after their mother’s funeral that his sister withdrew from the outside world and her relationship with their father turned sour.


The City of Mysts, Chapter 1

New Student

At the heart of the City of Mysts, the brightening sky announced the start of another day for the students of Roucan Academy dedicated to nurturing and developing the

Roucan Academy
Roucan Academy

future leaders of the next generation. In one of the dorms within the campus, Victoria surveyed the scene below her. Most of her friends were preoccupied with their tablets and smartphones that Sheila was the only one who noticed her descent. Victoria cleared her throat to catch their attention.


Project 2: The City of Mysts

I was 9 when I started writing stories – fairy tales, actually. It was usually a page or two long. Eventually, these stories could no longer be contained in so few words.  Every work I made was a sampling of what style would suit me best. Sadly, I wasn’t able to preserve most of the tales I wrote. But I hope to share with you some of my the works I’ve been able to keep, starting with The City of Mysts.