Book blurb for Liyanna: The Realms of Ethair

The Realms of Ethair
New cover for The Realms of Ethair

So, what’s new in Liyanna Book 1: The Realms of Ethair?

Apart from the cover that I completely re-designed, I’ve changed my pen name to Cecilia Beatriz. The result of that symbol at the center was accidental. I was doodling and experimenting with curves and before I knew it… Voila!

I love how the knots overlap each other in Celtic tradition that I decided to use this as part of my novel. It actually means something, but I’m not going to spoil it for you. You’ll have to wait for it to be available in Kindle.

Now, on to the book blurb which I’ve spent a lot of hours late last night to get it right. And I’m still not sure if it’s a good description to my book, so please give me a feedback on it – if it’s missing something like coherence, transition, and grammar – by posting it below. I sorely need advice on this. Thanks

Book blurb:

As far as psychics go, Kristina leads an uneventful life until she meets Arty, a foreigner vacationing in her country. A friendship is forged between them through a shared secret. And when Kristina is struck by an unknown illness, Arty brings her to his home in Merleina.

A far more distant place than she has ever imagined, Merleina is part of the fourth dimension – a place of magic, healing and knowledge. As she stays longer in Arty’s world, Kristina discovers what she is becoming and how it is dangerously putting her life at risk. But Kristina’s life is not entirely her own. Her existence will shape the future of the realms in the fourth dimension.

In a foreign land with a friend, who has become a stranger, would she still choose to live and fulfill her destiny?



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