Project 2: The City of Mysts

I was 9 when I started writing stories – fairy tales, actually. It was usually a page or two long. Eventually, these stories could no longer be contained in so few words.  Every work I made was a sampling of what style would suit me best. Sadly, I wasn’t able to preserve most of the tales I wrote. But I hope to share with you some of my the works I’ve been able to keep, starting with The City of Mysts.

I wrote The City of Mysts, previously Villa de Luna, when I was fourteen. Obviously, when you are young and you look at something you’ve written, you’d either be amazed or embarrassed at what you’ve done. I felt the latter more. Maturity shows in what you write. I was definitely naive about a lot of things and lacked the present skill I have in writing. Thus, I took it as a challenge to edit the manuscript. It’ll take some time for me upload each chapter while I continue to rewrite it and apply suggestions my mother had made to my other project Liyanna Book 1: The Realms of Ethair, and start on Liyanna Book 2. (Hmm. I’m beginning to think I’m piling myself with work.  Will I finish on time? I hope so. ^_^’)

Anyway, let me first give you an overview of The City of Mysts.

The City of Mysts by Cecilia Beatriz
The City of Mysts by Cecilia Beatriz

Inspired by books like Prophetic Visions of the Future, wherein it introduces Mukulia (scientifically: Lemuria) or Mu, an advanced civilisation before Atlantis, the story takes place in the City of Mysts.

It is at the heart of the metropolitan, where an academy has been built for the elite. Transfer student Frederick accidentally meets a strange girl who will lead him into the depths of the city’s mysterious tunnels and bring him into a world of enchantment that will change not only his life but also those around him forever…

Well, did that catch your interest? The status of the story is ongoing  and is available in Or, you can use this  code:  58389354 if you have the Wattpad app installed in your tablet or smartphone.

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, about the story feel free to post on the comments box below. Thanks 🙂


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