Month: August 2014

The City of Mysts, Chapter 7


Saturday. An attractive petite blonde woman in a body-hugging red dress strode over to a group of teenage boys with open arms. One of them stepped back. His eyes darted sideways, ready to bolt, when he was engulfed in the floral scented embrace of his mother. People around them were staring at the demonstrative display of affection of a woman, who graced television shows and featured in magazines and newspapers.

“Mom,” Fred complained and awkwardly returned the hug.

Dr. Cassandra Williams was the best in in the field of alternative medicine. Some called her a Witch Doctor, a nickname she despised, born out of spite. When she was still new to her celebrity status, they said that she could ensnare any man with her charms. Then, there was the rumor that she owed her youthfulness and beauty after finding the mythical elixir of (more…)


The City of Mysts, Chapter 6


A copy of The Alternative Medicine lay open before Fred; but, as of late, his thoughts were elsewhere. Beside him, Paolo was writing notes on a blueprint of race car for an international racing competition. Across, Fred, James read The Da Vinci Code; while, at the side, Michael wrote poetry with Fred as the subject.

Fred flipped the pages of the magazine and closed it.

“Bored?” James looked up from his book.

“When are you going to put that book down?”