Month: September 2014

City of Mysts, Chapter 10

A Rose

Sunlight filtered through the trees. It had been a long time since he had a beautiful and peaceful morning. Music filled the air. Electra sat beside him as she played the final notes with her flute.

“Where did you learn to play? Fred asked. The few pieces he had heard her play were original. He had always wanted to ask her about the music but the chance never came.

Electra smiled, leaned over him and her eyes fell on his cheek. He turned his head and kissed her in the mouth. It was soft and warm just as he remembered it. Fred waited for her to pull back, his heart racing at what she would do. Her rejection would crush him. Tentatively and slowly, he kissed her again. He shivered when she responded, her breath warm against his mouth. His hand came up to her neck as hers cupped his cheek. When Fred would have wanted to deepen it, she moved away. He let her. Just like him, she was a little out of breath. Electra rose to her feet and smiled, her eyes glistening with tears. She walked to the stream, dipped her foot in the cold water and then the other. The water was up to her waist when Fred realized what she was planning. (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 9


“You foolish, foolish boy. I thought I’d lose you.” Dr. Williams clung to her son like her life depended on it. Fred bore it good-naturedly for a while. For a frail-looking woman, her arms were tightly wrapped around him. When she didn’t let go of him for a whole minute, he began to fear he would die from lack of oxygen.

“Mom” – he gasped – “can’t breathe.”

Abruptly, she released him, muttering an apology, and started crying again.

“Mom,” he groaned.

“Why? Why did you have to save someone by getting yourself killed?” She furiously dabbed at her eyes with tissue.

I did? he thought. Arching a brow, he teased: “Isn’t that what you do?” (more…)

e-Publishing Adventures part 2

Note: This is for those who’ve decided to take the indie publishing route. Before you read this post, please visit e-Publishing Adventures part 1.

Applying for an EIN

I called the IRS and was put on queue for 30 minutes. A nice lady called Jane assisted me in applying for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) which took me another 30 minutes. Filling up the form is quite easy. It just took some time since you have to spell everything out and repeat things a few times. My only problem was my name. My first name consists of 3 names (long story) and the field could only fit in two: first and last name. I felt very odd having to pick 1 out of 3. (more…)

New blurb for The City of Mysts?

I’ll present the original blurb first:

Inspired by books like Prophetic Visions of the Future, wherein it introduces Mukulia (scientifically: Lemuria) or Mu, an advanced civilisation before Atlantis, the story takes place in the City of Mysts.

It is at the heart of the metropolitan, where an academy has been built for the elite. Transfer student Frederick accidentally meets a strange girl who will lead him into the depths of the city’s mysterious tunnels and bring him into a world of enchantment that will change not only his life but also those around him forever…

I made this ten years ago and posted it in a website that has ceased to exist(?). I was thirteen or fourteen back then so I’m not sure if it’s still out there. Anyway, I never bothered changing it since that about sums up the story. But everything has changed (more…)

The City of Mysts, Prologue


“So, I’ll be seeing you again in six months,” Fred said to his patient, Mrs. Simpatico.

“Thank you, doctor,” she said, smiling.

The girl Leila – the daughter seated next to her gazed fixedly at him. The mother had apologized for Leila’s behavior. It was her first time to meet a person whose face has appeared in the news several times.


The City of Mysts, Chapter 8

The Storm

Morning. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed in the horizon. They were in for a big storm. Fred gazed at the sleeping figure in his room. Louis hadn’t wanted to be alone and pleaded to stay with them last night. He had fallen asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. It was just as well that the boy slept in Fred’s bed. The owner had spent the night watching over Louis, then the world outside his window. In another time, it would have been interesting. He hadn’t observed closely how a storm developed until now: the clouds chasing away the sunlight like a pack of wolves, intent on plunging the city in darkness.

The door creaked as it opened. James crossed the room to stand beside him. He glanced at Louis then to Fred.

“You look like hell,” James said, seeing Fred’s bloodshot eyes and the shadows underneath. (more…)