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City of Mysts, Chapter 20

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“I’ll find you,” Louis had said.

Did he know that I would visit James? Is that why he was there the whole time? Fred wondered just how powerful Louis had become since he left the Mysts.

Two days, he kept watch of his surroundings, expecting Louis to appear before him any moment. Still, Louis hadn’t come. In vain, Fred wished Louis wouldn’t do anything rash without consulting him.

On the third day, Tony called him on his phone asking if he knew a man called Louis. He was described to be in his twenties, messy brown hair, and slight build.

“Did he say his last name?” Fred asked. He had taken to reading a novel in his room when Tony called.

“He wouldn’t say, sir. He just told us that you know him and could prove that he’s not mistaking Cheska for his sister. (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 19

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Dilemma at the Doorstep

The pair of golden eyes widened in recognition then changed to desperation.

“Fred!” Electra’s brother said. “You believe me, right?”

“Louis,” Fred said, stunned.

“You have to believe me.” Louis Roucan shook him by the shoulders. “You’ve got to. Electra’s alive!” (more…)

Another update for Liyanna 1

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As promised, I’ve completed uploading all chapters of the novel. All you have to do to view the other chapters is to hover over the Liyanna button on the nav bar and click on Table of Contents. Again, if you prefer to read it in a different platform, here are the following links:

Liyanna I, Part 3: Liyanna | Chapter 29


Her vision blurred. She was seeing two Pellinors instead of one. Her hands and feet were cold. Liyanna was quickly losing control. Her present environment was overpowering her hypersensitive senses. All she wanted was to curl into a ball and be left alone.

It seemed a long time had passed when she felt the energies passing through her became bearable. Her head cradled in Pellinor’s arms, she opened her eyes to see his trained on hers. She stared back and averted her gaze when he would not. (more…)

Liyanna I, Part 3: Liyanna | Chapter 27


The room held minimal furnishings, a small table and chair, a bunk bed, and a cabinet. Its sole luxury was the private bathroom and it belonged to the Liyanna. The perks of her position included having Mindy as her roommate once the girl stopped moping in the dorms. There were five hours left before they traveled to the third dimension.

The smells of the forest seeped through the doorway. Pellinor slipped inside and left the door ajar. He examined her from head to toe and commented, “You look very human.” (more…)

Liyanna I, Epilogue


Log entry #8:

The Council of Elders passed jurisdiction over the Order of the Black Guard yesterday. The mission – the rescue of thirty Merleinans, including myself – was such a success that they have decided not to shut down the Order. It will, however, undergo re-evaluation. They have appointed my foster father Sola to oversee the Black Guard’s operations. Reno has been suspended from service for five years and will report directly to Sola for another five. There is a rift between them though they do not speak of it in front of me. No one has yet noticed and I hope it will not affect their Orders. I suspect Sara had been a major influence in the Council’s final judgment. She told me that our people were dissatisfied on how the Elders’ addressed the issue regarding the disappearances. Letting Reno’s Order continue was a political move to regain Merleina’s support. Whispers of the forest have reached Merleinans. It sung of Liyanna’s recent deeds. Through her involvement, Devatas and Merleinans have once again worked together to save our people; a feat, considering the fact that it has been eons since anything like this, has happened.

I woke two days after I was retrieved from one of the enemy’s laboratories. Sara had been attending to me that day. She looked so weary and old. It was the first time I saw her openly shed tears in front of me and her staff. It was then that I vowed never to voluntarily place myself in danger. She had called me Arty, just like my mother used to and a friend whose face remains shadowed in my muddled memories. That is where my problem lies. Try as I might, I cannot remember the past three years leading to the present. Sara reassures me it will come back in time but I sense her relief that it has not returned. I am keeping more secrets again, hence this journal. I do not share the dreams that haunt me at night knowing Sara would fuss if she discovers it. So, when a particular nightmare keeps me wide awake, I take the path to Sinta, the Lake of Mirrors.

Last night, I found myself in the most unlikely company. Liyanna stood on the shores of the lake with her bespelled falcon and cat and the mythical chimera. The last news we have had of her came in the form of a Devarian courtier announcing her engagement to the mysterious Prince Kelor. It was a strategy to strengthen the relationship between fourth-dimensional humans and Devatas. Yet, when I saw her looking at the distance, I felt her longing. I rather wish that I had remained unnoticed for I was close to deciphering the puzzle she presented, but Liyanna turned and looked at me with silver eyes. The connection I felt with her was abruptly severed. Her falcon took to the skies as she walked towards me. Her four-footed companions stayed where they were.

She spoke to me in Merleinan, mostly questions about my foster family, Reno, and the Council. I answered as best as I could while suffering her unrelenting gaze.


Liyanna I, Part 3: Liyanna | Chapter 28


“Captain. What brings you here, so far from your western borders?” a woman spoke. They were surrounded by female archers. Every one of them was beautiful and deadly. Belts were strapped with throwing knives, a short sword hung by the waist, a quiver of arrows at the back. Their longbows were drawn taut with bolts trained at intruders. The Sentries looked tame compared to these warriors, whose faces lacked emotion. (more…)