Month: February 2015

City of Mysts, Chapter 23

A/N: Hi everyone. Am posting this a week early because it’s February 14th and pushing that publish button would hopefully cheer me up right now. Am temperamental that way, I guess. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Alfred Roucan watched a group of men accompany Louis inside his mansion. He drew away from the window and faced his new chief of security Smith.

“A civilian was with Louis,” Mr. Roucan processed what the man had reported.

“Yes, sir.”

“You used this ‘civilian’ to make my son cooperate.” He sorted the photos on the desk into two categories.

“Louis almost overpowered my men, sir. I had to use his friend as leverage.”

“With threats, I presume. Threatened his life, perhaps?” He folded his hands on the table and locked eyes with Smith. Confident and efficient as always, Mr. Roucan thought. A little overconfident, maybe. “If Louis didn’t act the way you predicted, what would you have done then?” What lengths would you have taken to complete this task? (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 22


The tunnel branched out into two in front of Fred. Zafeera and Electra stood at each opening. A clean breeze wafted from Zafeera’s while Electra’s smelled of earth and plants. They smiled at him and started walking into their respective tunnels. His name on their lips, they stretched an arm out to him, beckoning for Fred to follow one of them. He closed his eyes and willed himself awake. Reopening his eyes, the paths had merged into one. Zafeera and Electra were nowhere to be found. He moved forward, his footsteps rang dully against the hard stone floor. His steps became more urgent as he pressed on. Fred had broken into a run until he saw a woman standing with her back to him. (more…)