Month: May 2015

City of Mysts, Chapter 28

A/N: Hi everyone, am here again with a new chapter. Yippee! By the way, I made a header banner in my homepage a week ago. The output was a bit rushed but I hope you like it. Still, am open for ideas on how you want the characters to look like.

This is a rough draft. I hadn’t had time to edit it since am currently doing a few more projects on the side. Here is the next chapter:


A Swirl of Feathers

The strangely dressed man levelled his gaze at Louis for a full minute. Fred returned to his seat and sensed the stranger’s attention had shifted. He felt the man’s eyes bore holes on his back and, strangely, his raging headache receded to a tolerable pain level. When he looked up, the dark-haired visitor’s face was unreadable. Fred wondered if he was imagining things. Did the man heal him? The foreigner’s gaze left him, appearing to have lost interest.

“We lost the guardian of the Mysts a decade ago,” the man said. “She had left a successor in a…unorthodox manner,” he glanced at Louis, “though it is not clear whether she intended for him to take her place. But the fact remains that she had given him a key which the guardians use to command the sentinels under their care. (more…)