Month: December 2015

Happy 2016!

Hi everyone,

It’s almost midnight in my country. Before my Internet slows down completely, let me greet you all a Happy New Year!

I haven’t been able to write these days, but I appreciate your patience in waiting for a new chapter, even with all its flaws. Sadly, I’ll be very busy this January and February, so Chapter 35 of The City of Mysts will be posted on March.

As my second new year present-slash-something to look at while you wait, I drew the scene showing Fred and Cheska in Chapter 34: Guardians below. I hope you like it! 🙂

Fred and Cheska (Chapter 34, The City of Mysts)
Fred and Cheska (Chapter 34, The City of Mysts)

Happy New Year!





City of Mysts, Chapter 34

A/N: Hullo all, I’ve uploaded another chapter for an early welcome to 2016. Enjoy! 🙂




If a chaste kiss could ever be described in that way, it was what Fred felt in that moment. A simple touching of lips made the electricity that usually ran up his arms to his hands course throughout his body. The desire that had gone when he comforted Cheska returned twofold.

She drew back.

Passion overcoming his better judgment, he leaned forward and captured her mouth with his. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 33

A/N: Hi everyone, I’ve been busy this year. Got sick a couple of times and had to stop writing altogether for a while and might have to resume writing this story after February. But since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to upload a new chapter as a Christmas present to you. 🙂



The frown Cheska wore smoothened as Fred told her about Louis’ arrival up to the point where they left her in the guest room. Her face was impassive when he reached the end of the narration. Fred began to feel uneasy at first. Minutes passed and she still hadn’t spoken. His apprehension rose. The others in the room also waited in tense silence. Fred had never seen Electra this quiet and expressionless nor the artist he’d gotten to know for the past few days. They’re just one person, Fred reminded himself.

“What will happen to those people?” Cheska asked.

“Usually, we would interrogate them,” Mr. Roucan explained. “After the information we need has been extracted, they would then be handed over to the authorities as illegal immigrants.” His lips pressed into a thin line showing displeasure.

“But?” she urged. (more…)