Month: February 2016

City of Mysts, Chapter 35

A/N: Hi! I’m back sooner than I expected. Actually, am waiting for a software to complete its installation. Online installers can be lightweight to download but a nightmare when your internet is kinda slow. So here’s a new chapter fresh from my smokin’ fingers. Hehe. Hope I won’t get too busy in the months to follow. >:)



The boy who opened the portal sat alone on a violet cushion. It was not what Fred had expected to see after crossing the doorway. They were in a white – he looked around. The walls, ceiling and floor appeared to blend into one.

Either this is some sort of optical illusion or I banged my head again, he thought. Fred dared to look down once more. All he could see was white and couldn’t tell the distance of the ceiling and walls. Was it even safe to walk in such a place? His eyes trailed to the boy several feet from where he stood. The boy’s a guardian, for heaven’s sake, Fred scolded himself.

Cautiously, he shuffled forward.

The young guardian didn’t seem to notice him. The boy was intent on staring at the ceiling. His arms were propped behind him with one leg swinging to and fro beneath the cushion.

When Fred was two meters away, the young guardian spoke, “Stay where you are, please.”

For someone his age, the lad’s tone was authoritative that Fred stopped. The guardian lowered his head and met the doctor’s gaze. Then Fred understood. A silver band with a single ruby set at the middle of the forehead adorned the guardian’s head. The doctor had a feeling that it wasn’t part of a national costume.

“I am sorry, doctor. Any closer and my protective barriers would have hurt you.” The boy smile sheepishly, fiddling with a pendant around his neck. (more…)