Month: March 2016

City of Mysts, Chapter 38

A/N: Hi everyone. It’s been a while. Had to finish a few projects … Rushed this one today since I can’t work on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Good news is it’s lengthier than Chapter 37. Here is the new (roughly encoded) chapter. 🙂


My Sister

One step into the room and he knew. His sister wasn’t inside. The room was cold despite the summer heat. A proof that she was alive. His sister. Electra. But where had she gone? Louis stomped down on the panic.

She promised. Look, Louis. Look, he commanded himself. Sis wouldn’t leave without a word. Louis scanned the area for a note. He glanced at the table near the door.

His sister always left one when she went out.

The window seat.

Sis never broke her promise that she’d be back.

The dresser.

Only once it had been broken. She was run over by a car and left for dead.

The night table. (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 37

A/N: Hola! Have you guessed who’s featuring in this chapter? If you haven’t, the chapter’s title is a dead giveaway. I thought I should write about her. Kind of miss writing in a female’s POV. So please bear with me and you might discover a few things about her. 🙂


Her Darkness

Was he still there? Cheska had seen a man standing outside her door when Fred left. Probably, Louis’ doing. She wouldn’t put it past her brother since he showed up at her house. At the time, Cheska had thought he was mad. Now that she looked back, Louis was similar to a lost child, tugging – pulling her towards proof – towards the mansion. Tony’s timing had delayed it. He brought the doctor to her home and then things got more complicated.

It was the only time she had seen Fred so angry. There was also the weird weather that matched his temper. Children born in the Mysts tended to be “different.” Usually, supernatural gifts diminish – in most cases, disappear when they reach adulthood. Instances like Louis’, however, continue to develop and strengthen. The doctor was one of the few people outside the Mysts who possesses gifts that could rival a guardian’s.

He can’t be. She shook her head in denial. Fred travels a lot. His profession demands it. A guardian never leaves the country he’s sworn to protect, except when the Council needs to mobilize a group to secure a critical area. What am I missing?

Cheska searched her mind of past encounters she’s had with the doctor.

A mistake. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 36

A/N: Hi, everyone. It’s a little early to be posting so soon. But… since am a little down and find myself free for the week, I’ve uploaded another chapter for you and me. 😉 We’ll be seeing a bit of James’ family here. I do love writing about them from time to time. Their relationship is kind of ideal. Are there actual couples who are like them today? I wonder… 🙂



Silence stretched between James and Fred. The novelist returned to his desk. His back hunched, fingers tapping on the glass table top in a tap-tap-tap rhythm. He was upset. Fred couldn’t fathom whether it was because of the spy or Mr. Roucan. James’ dislike of Louis’ father has been obvious since they were students. The way his best friend’s expression would turn cold whenever Mr. Roucan was mentioned proved it. Nevertheless, he still cared for the siblings. He had welcomed Louis in his home and sought the spy to find out the truth about Electra.

“Does Cheska know – did this Gerard tell Cheska her real identity?” James asked.

“No. Her memories returned. It was probably triggered when we were attacked on the road,” Fred replied.

“Attacked?” James’ head snapped towards him. (more…)