Month: June 2016

City of Mysts, Chapter 43

Oaths and Farewells

He held her loosely and counted to see if she would move from his arms.

She didn’t.

Fred carefully circled around to face her. He tucked her under his chin and stroked her back in a soothing motion. While Cheska cried, light from the doorway flooded into the room. Louis’ stood at the threshold. His gaze flickered between his sister and person consoling her. He met Fred’s solemn gaze. An understanding passed between them. Louis gave a slight nod and shut the door in his wake. (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 42

Crumbling Walls

Louis stopped just outside their father’s study. Beside him, Cheska looked at him askance. He schooled his features to neutrality. Allan was on the other end of the comm link. The bodyguard’s call brought good and bad news.

The Good: James was helping in his own way. Through the company’s SecTech Division, the novelist has started “investigating” on Libya’s situation. The Bad: the hover car that would bring Fred back to the mansion disappeared. Driver, vehicle and passenger could not be tracked down. The chauffeur’s company-provisioned sim card emitted a signal five blocks from the mansion. The mobile phone was found smashed to bits in the middle of the road. The vehicle’s GPS inconveniently malfunctioned. The tracker Louis had surreptitiously tagged under the doctor’s collar also lost its signal in the same area the sim was discovered.

In spite of the advanced tech in his possession, it was almost impossible to locate the missing persons. (more…)