Month: July 2016

City of Mysts, Chapter 45


The escape from the mansion was an easy feat despite the fact that security personnel roamed its halls in regular intervals. A person only had to choose a rarely used hidden passage to disappear. That and knowledge of the tunnels directly connected to it was an edge Cheska possessed. Navigating in secret corridors were second nature to her. Once she crossed the false panel in her room, vision obscured by tears, Cheska let her feet take her away from the person she could only vaguely remember yet have the power to hurt her.

She raised her hand against the wall, letting her fingers graze the smooth wall of the dimly lit corridor. (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 44


The tuneless whistling and scrape of boots against the hard-packed earth began seconds after the spy slung the doctor on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. The ruckus Gerry made had let Fred know that he was semi-conscious. In his current state, all he could do was listen and think.

How far did the tunnel carry the sound Gerry created? The doctor couldn’t bear think what the consequences of their passage would bring – like animal sentries who helped the guardians. Were the creatures even notified by the guardians that he and the spy would use the tunnels? So far, they were alone – for now.

What Fred really wanted to do was punch Gerry. Unfortunately, the doctor was stuck in a body he couldn’t control. The spy ruined the plan; injecting drugs had never been part of it. Fred changed his mind. He wanted to do more than take a swing at Gerry’s smug face.

The whistling stopped after a while. How deep had they gone? Fred heard Gerry mutter a sentence in a lilting language. (more…)