Month: September 2016

City of Mysts, Chapter 48

The Hunt

Allan blocked Cheska. The bodyguard’s back facing her, she saw his gaze flit from her to the panther. Then he said to James, “Sir, may I speak with you in private?”

The novelist arched a brow and considered the request for a second. With a slight nod, he and Allan moved out of earshot. Cheska could tell from James’ stance, his hands on his hips and head bowed, that the novelist didn’t like what he was hearing.

They’re talking about you, my lady, the panther said. Would you like to know what they are saying?

“It’s about Father and Louis’ order, right?” Cheska asked.


“Thanks but I think I know what it’s all about.” She crossed her arms, resisting the urge to pace.

“She’s just going to take a look,” James said in a loud exasperated voice. Annoyance marred his haggard face. “Watch her if you want but, at the very least, let her know the situation her family’s getting into.” (more…)