Month: November 2016

City of Mysts, Chapter 50

Close Call

Mr. Roucan returned the President-General’s murderous glare with a pair of dead fish eyes. If anything, the lack of emotion on the businessman’s face seemed to aggravate the already tense atmosphere in the room. Louis could hear the clock tick by, precious seconds spent in the silent combat of wills.

“You know nothing,” the President-General said, breaking the silence. “There is no evidence.”

“Yet you are here, General,” Mr. Roucan answered coolly. “Your presence here confirms that what we know is true.” He retrieved a thick folder from his briefcase and pushed it across the desk.

The Libyan leader’s expression darkened further while he skimmed through the pages. The folder snapped shut, his gaze returned to Mr. Roucan. “You have the nerve to threaten me in my own country,” he said in almost a growl. (more…)