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City of Mysts, Holiday Special

A/N: Hello everyone, this isn’t a continuation of the story but it’s related to Dr. Fred Williams. I just couldn’t move forward without writing this down…


A Wish and A Promise

He pressed the doorbell and looked around. The world was blanketed in white. The driveway he’d walked through contrasted with the snow piled alongside it. It had been cleared quite recently, but with the snow falling incessantly, it would soon be covered in white again.

The air he’d exhaled fogged in front of him. It was cold out and no one has yet answered the door. He could vaguely hear music and laughter inside. Fred tried the doorbell again, pressing it twice. He blew on his hands and rubbed them together. Was the doorbell broken? He contemplated going round the back when he caught a glimpse of long auburn hair. His head snapped toward it. Beyond the front gate, he saw the owner of the hair, a woman, help a boy who’d tripped to stand up.

Fred turned from the scene. It wasn’t her. She who filled his dreams and waking hours almost every winter. It was worse this year, ever since he’d seen the online story which related their history together. It was useless fighting against the tide of memories, so he let himself remember.

His first Christmas break in Roucan Academy, (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 51

A/N: Hello everybody! I finished typing earlier than anticipated. Here’s an early Christmas present to you, my beloved readers. 🙂



Roucan Global’s Forest Reserve was reminiscent of the enchanted forest Cheska had called home in the years that followed after her mother’s passing. That forest lingered in her dreams even after she’d lost her identity. Regaining her memories should have led her there but, for some reason, she could never find her way back to it on her own again and Cheska loathed asking her most loyal sentinels, Keena and Strago, to open a doorway to that place.

The panther and the Rabyanah hyenas were uncharacteristically silent ever since they left the research facility.

The hyenas accompanied them up to Libya’s borders. They were glad to have been part of a good hunt and extended their offer of help in the near future. Despite their kind words, Cheska noticed a few of the pack’s members giggling; a sign that they were afraid, according to Keena’s interpretation.

Strago was already waiting in the tunnel when Cheska and the panther arrived in the Mysts. The stag’s gaze flickered over her, the hover pod, and Keena before asking where they would go next.

Cheska had intended to seek refuge in the enchanted forest but the portal directed her to her father’s reserve instead. She suspected the sentinels knew that the reserve was not her true destination when she said: “To the forest.” Thankfully, they kept their opinions to themselves. But, sooner or later, the subject would arise the longer they stayed together. So Cheska sent them both on their individual errands: Keena would bring James and Strago would fetch the Libyan guardian and the apprentice.

She waited by the pod that quarantined and kept Fred alive. Cheska hated seeing him imprisoned in what could be his worst fear, trapped in an enclosed space. She prayed that he would wake up and recognize her, yet afraid that when her wishes were granted, Fred would have an anxiety attack, which can be just as deadly for him.

She pressed her forehead against the glass that separated him from the outside world and sent another prayer to any god who might be listening to save Fred. When she opened her eyes, hazy gray orbs stared back at her. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 51 Preview

Hi everyone,

Updating the story has gone at a snail’s pace this year. Things just keep cropping up here and there. I figured next chapter’s excerpt would at least compensate for the lack of updates. So while you’re waiting (and to whet your curiosity), here’s a teaser just for you:

The City of Mysts, Ch. 51 excerpt
The City of Mysts, Ch. 51


If you’ve read my previous posts, it won’t come as a surprise that the sample is handwritten (sorry about the small and narrow handwriting, you can enlarge it by clicking on the image). I stay away from any form of gadget when I write the draft; the Internet and social media is way too distracting.

I haven’t had time to type it yet, but the chapter would probably be ready by Christmas. 😉


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