Month: February 2017

City of Mysts, Epilogue

Precious air filled his lungs. Relief, however, was short and fleeting. Something jabbed his chest, hard and excruciating. Electricity spread to his extremities, frying every nerve in its path. His body arched and screamed in agony, yet no sound left his lips. As quickly as it came, the searing pain receded replaced with a familiar feeling. Power thrummed in his veins. Electricity crackled and buzzed around him, cocooned in a barrier – his barrier, which shielded him from outside forces. Raw power flowed within him and through him and…he was floating.

Fred opened his eyes to a twilit sky. A sound louder than his electricity snapped him fully awake. He turned about and found thick gray clouds churning below him. They parted with a wave of his hand and gave him a view of what lay beyond, Lemuria – the Mysts.

He raised his palms in front of him. Blue electricity played between his fingers and ran across his skin and over tattered sleeves. He looked down at himself and saw that his clothes were barely more than rags. Long strands of blonde hair fell across his face. He pulled at a lock and felt the tug. It was his alright.

His fingers found his pulse. It beat a slow steady rhythm.



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A/N: Hi everyone, sorry for making you wait only to end the story like this. I know it’s the worst cliffhanger, but this also means there will be a second installment. To be honest, I exceeded my word count. I initially thought of cutting the story in the part where Fred decided to go to Libya but decided against it. It was just when I was typing this Epilogue (originally Chapter 53) that I became very anxious when I saw that it was already 104K+ words long.

I had planned The City of Mysts to be a short and simple story. But then it got complicated after I added the rebels and the plague.

I’ve actually written 3 chapters and they will be featured in the second book. Speaking of book 2, I haven’t prepared a title for it yet! The story will be a direct continuation of The City of Mysts. 😉

Stay tuned for future announcements on the second installment. You may also leave requests and suggestions of things you want to be added to the next book in the comments below.

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