Children of the Mysts, Prologue

The Mission

“Protect the royal family.” The redhead golden-eyed Prince Noriden received the order from his father, the Uruimethian King hours ago. It was an important task but it never occurred to him that failure was inevitable.

To watch over his Serran-raised cousin, Lady Cheska. the prince donned the Veil of Schanrya, a cloth woven with light. He became invisible to her, but the Sentries around her possessed sharper senses and would detect his presence as soon as he got closer. In the end, Noriden had no choice but to observe from afar while the Sentries aided their Lady in retrieving Dr. Frederick Williams from a Libyan facility.

However, they were all helpless against the strength of Cheska’s unnatural ability to drain energy from her environment. Noriden had never been scared of anyone until he felt his energy being drawn out of him.

The ruby ring in his keeping held a life-preserving enchantment, but it was not his to take. The accessory was intended for one individual and would only be activated by that same person. The real owner was Cheska and he couldn’t even come near her.

His protective barriers were useless as well. It couldn’t protect him from an ability that was a manifestation of a strong emotion. The force field was only good at rebounding and dispelling direct attacks against him. Instead, he found himself frozen in his hiding place while the recently retired Head Guardian saved Cheska from losing herself.

Noriden thought the worst was over when Cheska brought the doctor to the forest reserve. He had been sorely mistaken.

Libyan guardian Zafeera and her brother had inconveniently chosen to confess the laws they had broken at that moment. While the guardians argued, the doctor’s condition worsened. In grief and desperation, Lady Cheska, the new Head Guardian, performed one of the greatest taboos in the history of the peoples of Earth…and succeeded.

A momentary lull occurred and following its wake was a storm. Clouds darkened the sky and the wind shifted. Lightning flashed and struck the earth. In the upheaval, the only thing the prince could do was throw the Veil over them; the fabric could absorb the lighting. Even then, he hadn’t reached both in time.

Under the Veil, Cheska lay unconscious beside the blackened earth.

The doctor was gone.


Copyright © 2017-2018 Cecilia Beatriz. All rights reserved.


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