Month: August 2017

Children of the Mysts, Chapter 3


The Sentry brought them to the suite where Cheska slept. Fred stopped Louis from heading straight to her and shook his head. “You should stay here,” he said. “I’ll check the situation first.”

Louis agreed and gazed worriedly where his sister lay.

The doctor entered the room and noted the drop in the temperature. He lengthened his stride and slipped through the bed curtains. Cheska’s condition hadn’t changed in the way he’d anticipated; her skin glowed with an inner light. He had never seen her do that before, and not knowing was the worst thing to have happened with the limited time he had. Fred turned to the prince, but the boy was in no state to answer his questions.

Noriden was slumped over the foot of the bed. Sweat dampened his hair, turning it to the color of blood. He was ghastly pale and cold to the touch. (more…)


Children of the Mysts, Chapter 2


A thin old man with thick glasses dared stare back at Fred.

The doctor had just returned after leaving the driver tied and gagged in an abandoned warehouse, three towns away from the capital. Then he’d dropped the tracking device on a passing supply truck. All these took him in less than a quarter of an hour only to come back and find the Major had already disobeyed his orders.

The scientist and the officer were fortunate that a table stood between them. The laboratory equipment and chemicals on top of it were the only things that stopped Fred from throwing the man into the cleaning cabinet at the end of the room. And the Major…

The doctor’s gaze snapped to the officer. In a voice dangerously low, he said: “This isn’t what we’d discussed.”

The Major offered a lengthy reply, vouching for his associate’s trustworthiness and discretion and the need for another pair of hands to complete the work much more quickly.

Underneath the cold mask of calculation, Fred’s anger simmered. (more…)