Cecilia Beatriz

The author.

A dreamer in every sense of the word, her head is almost always in the clouds.

An escape artist whose portal is through books and imaginings.

An avid learner and truth seeker whose inquisitive nature sometimes gets her in trouble like getting electrocuted for playing with electrical outlets when she was two years old. She has long since improved and can assemble her computer and tinker with objects without completely breaking it.

An animal lover whose wish is to go to Africa and be friends with the lions and to know how to swim and meet our cetacean friends.

A tree hugger who loves green things and would rather have a rose in a pot than a bouquet of flowers which will die after a few days.

A pesco-vegetarian by choice. (For recipes, you can visit my blog at Blogger.com ☺)

An adult with a heart of a 5-year old and a mind of a 49-year old.


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