Children of the Mysts, Chapter 1


The angry sea of dark clouds roiled beneath a thin long-haired blonde man. Tendrils of electricity danced and sparked on his skin and remained unnoticed. His eyes stayed downcast, brows furrowed as his heart beat under his palm. Every beat cast him further into confusion. The question that popped in his head was: How am I alive?

He waded through his memories, each caused him to relive what he had endured in Libya. A female voice called his name from far away. Her face appeared in his mind. Her name at the tip of his tongue. “Cheska.”

A deafening thunderclap reverberated, seeping into his bones. Lightning illuminated the darkening sky. Fred clutched his head as scenes flashed in his head. Were the memories real or imagined? He had been very sick and delirious with fever. Had he really seen Cheska? Where was he anyway? How did he get here? More questions began to clamor for his attention when a boy appeared. Bejeweled bands around the boy’s wrists glowed and brightened at his approach. (more…)


Children of the Mysts, Part I

Part I | Redemption

In the magical hour,
When the sun touches the earth,
the balance of life shall tip
from bearer to vessel.

A child of the gods shall rise,
a sword of the heavens in hand,
a new path it shall carve,
a new world shall be born.

– excerpt from the journal of the Hidden Prophetess


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Lemuria: Children of the Mysts


Author: Cecilia Beatriz

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Drama

Status: Ongoing (progress: slow)



Fred is alive.

They had both survived the plague.

Cheska couldn’t help compare the teenager she knew and the man he’d turned out to be. Fred was still kind and generous but he’d become stronger and braver. They were all traits she admired and drew her to him. But Cheska could sense him distancing himself from everyone, including her.

She would let him go if she was the reason behind his behavior, yet Fred had proven the opposite to her.

Then why did she feel he was keeping something important from her?


A secret is a double-edged sword.

He’d seen secrets tear apart relationships. Fred had witnessed firsthand how it destroyed his parents’ marriage. Now he knew they were also meant to protect the people they care about and those around them. His best friend used to moonlight as a legendary hacker, the stuff of nightmares to the corrupt and unjust. And the Roucans carried the biggest secret of all, they represented Serra (the surface world) in Uruimeth, a kingdom that has existed since the time of ancient civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis.

Fred never expected that his family has a bigger secret to hide. It explained his father’s sternness, his mother’s protectiveness and his ability to control electricity.

With the Mysts in the brink of war, his ability may just be the answer to preventing it. In return, he would have to make the ultimate sacrifice. This time no one can save him, not even Cheska.


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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental.


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City of Mysts, Epilogue

Precious air filled his lungs. Relief, however, was short and fleeting. Something jabbed his chest, hard and excruciating. Electricity spread to his extremities, frying every nerve in its path. His body arched and screamed in agony, yet no sound left his lips. As quickly as it came, the searing pain receded replaced with a familiar feeling. Power thrummed in his veins. Electricity crackled and buzzed around him, cocooned in a barrier – his barrier, which shielded him from outside forces. Raw power flowed within him and through him and…he was floating.

Fred opened his eyes to a twilit sky. A sound louder than his electricity snapped him fully awake. He turned about and found thick gray clouds churning below him. They parted with a wave of his hand and gave him a view of what lay beyond, Lemuria – the Mysts.

He raised his palms in front of him. Blue electricity played between his fingers and ran across his skin and over tattered sleeves. He looked down at himself and saw that his clothes were barely more than rags. Long strands of blonde hair fell across his face. He pulled at a lock and felt the tug. It was his alright.

His fingers found his pulse. It beat a slow steady rhythm.



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A/N: Hi everyone, sorry for making you wait only to end the story like this. I know it’s the worst cliffhanger, but this also means there will be a second installment. To be honest, I exceeded my word count. I initially thought of cutting the story in the part where Fred decided to go to Libya but decided against it. It was just when I was typing this Epilogue (originally Chapter 53) that I became very anxious when I saw that it was already 104K+ words long.

I had planned The City of Mysts to be a short and simple story. But then it got complicated after I added the rebels and the plague.

I’ve actually written 3 chapters and they will be featured in the second book. Speaking of book 2, I haven’t prepared a title for it yet! The story will be a direct continuation of The City of Mysts. 😉

Stay tuned for future announcements on the second installment. You may also leave requests and suggestions of things you want to be added to the next book in the comments below.

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City of Mysts, Chapter 52


Cheska gaped at the woman kneeling before her. Her eyes darted to Mohy. His confidence shattered, he looked at his sister in defeat.

With a deep sense of foreboding, she asked the guardian, “What did you do?”

“I exposed the doctor’s healing abilities and location to the enemy. I also led them to him through the tunnels,” Zafeera answered steadily.

“She’s lying!” Mohy exclaimed. He dropped on his knees beside his sister. “We didn’t have a choice. Zafeera cured the President-General’s sickness hoping he would free our father. But he didn’t, he blamed ab that his son became sick and had to be confined in stasis. He had us locked up and interrogated. (more…)

City of Mysts, Holiday Special

A/N: Hello everyone, this isn’t a continuation of the story but it’s related to Dr. Fred Williams. I just couldn’t move forward without writing this down…


A Wish and A Promise

He pressed the doorbell and looked around. The world was blanketed in white. The driveway he’d walked through contrasted with the snow piled alongside it. It had been cleared quite recently, but with the snow falling incessantly, it would soon be covered in white again.

The air he’d exhaled fogged in front of him. It was cold out and no one has yet answered the door. He could vaguely hear music and laughter inside. Fred tried the doorbell again, pressing it twice. He blew on his hands and rubbed them together. Was the doorbell broken? He contemplated going round the back when he caught a glimpse of long auburn hair. His head snapped toward it. Beyond the front gate, he saw the owner of the hair, a woman, help a boy who’d tripped to stand up.

Fred turned from the scene. It wasn’t her. She who filled his dreams and waking hours almost every winter. It was worse this year, ever since he’d seen the online story which related their history together. It was useless fighting against the tide of memories, so he let himself remember.

His first Christmas break in Roucan Academy, (more…)