City of Mysts, Chapter 51

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Roucan Global’s Forest Reserve was reminiscent of the enchanted forest Cheska had called home in the years that followed after her mother’s passing. That forest lingered in her dreams even after she’d lost her identity. Regaining her memories should have led her there but, for some reason, she could never find her way back to it on her own again and Cheska loathed asking her most loyal sentinels, Keena and Strago, to open a doorway to that place.

The panther and the Rabyanah hyenas were uncharacteristically silent ever since they left the research facility.

The hyenas accompanied them up to Libya’s borders. They were glad to have been part of a good hunt and extended their offer of help in the near future. Despite their kind words, Cheska noticed a few of the pack’s members giggling; a sign that they were afraid, according to Keena’s interpretation.

Strago was already waiting in the tunnel when Cheska and the panther arrived in the Mysts. The stag’s gaze flickered over her, the hover pod, and Keena before asking where they would go next.

Cheska had intended to seek refuge in the enchanted forest but the portal directed her to her father’s reserve instead. She suspected the sentinels knew that the reserve was not her true destination when she said: “To the forest.” Thankfully, they kept their opinions to themselves. But, sooner or later, the subject would arise the longer they stayed together. So Cheska sent them both on their individual errands: Keena would bring James and Strago would fetch the Libyan guardian and the apprentice.

She waited by the pod that quarantined and kept Fred alive. Cheska hated seeing him imprisoned in what could be his worst fear, trapped in an enclosed space. She prayed that he would wake up and recognize her, yet afraid that when her wishes were granted, Fred would have an anxiety attack, which can be just as deadly for him.

She pressed her forehead against the glass that separated him from the outside world and sent another prayer to any god who might be listening to save Fred. When she opened her eyes, hazy gray orbs stared back at her. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 51 Preview

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The City of Mysts, Ch. 51 excerpt
The City of Mysts, Ch. 51


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City of Mysts, Chapter 50

Close Call

Mr. Roucan returned the President-General’s murderous glare with a pair of dead fish eyes. If anything, the lack of emotion on the businessman’s face seemed to aggravate the already tense atmosphere in the room. Louis could hear the clock tick by, precious seconds spent in the silent combat of wills.

“You know nothing,” the President-General said, breaking the silence. “There is no evidence.”

“Yet you are here, General,” Mr. Roucan answered coolly. “Your presence here confirms that what we know is true.” He retrieved a thick folder from his briefcase and pushed it across the desk.

The Libyan leader’s expression darkened further while he skimmed through the pages. The folder snapped shut, his gaze returned to Mr. Roucan. “You have the nerve to threaten me in my own country,” he said in almost a growl. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 49

Burning Cold

The world slowed. Sounds became muted. Cheska’s eyes were trained on the flat line displayed on the heart monitor. The man across her pumped on Fred’s chest, desperately trying to revive him. The scientist beside her shouted orders at the guards at the exit. The door slammed behind her as the men went to obey his commands.

Still, no pulse.


She looked at his gaunt face. Cheska clutched at his legs as if it would keep his soul tied to the living.


Her eyes returned to the screen.

Heart rate: 0 bpm.

No. She shook her head.

Darkness edged her vision. Cold started on her fingers and toes and crept upward.

They did this!

Silence. Blissful silence welcomed her. Heat began to pulse in her chest and spread outward. Yet the cold was still there. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 48

The Hunt

Allan blocked Cheska. The bodyguard’s back facing her, she saw his gaze flit from her to the panther. Then he said to James, “Sir, may I speak with you in private?”

The novelist arched a brow and considered the request for a second. With a slight nod, he and Allan moved out of earshot. Cheska could tell from James’ stance, his hands on his hips and head bowed, that the novelist didn’t like what he was hearing.

They’re talking about you, my lady, the panther said. Would you like to know what they are saying?

“It’s about Father and Louis’ order, right?” Cheska asked.


“Thanks but I think I know what it’s all about.” She crossed her arms, resisting the urge to pace.

“She’s just going to take a look,” James said in a loud exasperated voice. Annoyance marred his haggard face. “Watch her if you want but, at the very least, let her know the situation her family’s getting into.” (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 47

A Choice is Made

The Messenger withdrew a few feet from Cheska. He was quiet for a moment. Both were aware that her abilities reacted to her emotions. The Messenger had almost lost his life when he’d approached her yesterday. He didn’t want to have a repeat of the incident.

“I can take it,” Cheska assured him. “Is this about Fred?”

The Messenger nodded.

She braced herself. “Go on.”

“The doctor,” he said slowly, “had his gift sealed away.” (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 46

Head Guardian

It can’t be. This couldn’t be happening. Cheska’s mind tried to process what Louis told her. She had talked to Fred only yesterday. “When? How?” she asked, pressing a hand to her temple.

“Last night,” her brother replied. A wary look crept on his face. “He went through the tunnels.”

“What?” Her brows knitted together. “Who gave him access to the tunnels?”

Louis crossed his arms and shook his head. Cheska followed the direction of his gaze. The King. (more…)