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City of Mysts, Chapter 31

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Louis covered a yawn with his hand. He sat languidly on the bench with Cheska still oblivious to their current situation. His words hovered in the tense atmosphere.

“Negative. We need to verify his identity before he can enter the main house,” the security personnel said.

“Either he comes or my father comes to us,” Louis said. He flicked a speck of dust on his shoulder.

Fred stared incredulously at him. What was wrong with him? Had Louis forgotten why he had to reconcile with his father? To top it off, he wanted Gerry – a virtual stranger, who could be a double agent for all they know, to come with them. (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 27

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Hyena Quarter

Hands shot forward, breaking his fall. Anxious voices pulled him from slipping into unconsciousness. A card door slammed; gravel crunched underfoot; then Mohy stood beside him.

“I’m fine,” Fred said, slapping Mohy’s hand away. His and Louis’ protests were ignored as the Libyan checked his eyes and pulse.

“You’re not alright,” Louis snapped. “You tried to pull off a rescue mission with a severe head trauma caused by Cheska’s Doberman over there.” He pointed at Fred’s chauffeur.

“That’s rich coming from a spoiled brat and a thief!” Tony retorted.

“Borrowing and stealing are two different things you ignoramus.” (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 25

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The Mysts may be led by a government but a number of people outside the political arena held an equal power to politicians in the running of the land. These individuals were descendants of the first families who decided to take up residence after adventurer and explorer Archibald Sebastian Roucan claimed it as his.

The man had a grand scheme of opening a large part of his new acquisition to refugees from the countries which had sunk into the depths of the ocean. He gathered the first families and set up a temporary ruling class until they could find qualified people to form a government. Once it was established, authority was gradually turned over to the elected body of representatives. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 24

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“They took him,” Tony repeated, catching his breath.

“How? What happened?” Cheska asked. She had witnessed Louis’ skills when he and Tony fought and was astonished at the sudden turn of events.

“We were on our way back when Louis told me that someone was following us. We led them as far away from here as possible. We split up but I got caught. They dragged me to an alley where Louis was fighting off the others. One of them pointed a gun at me, saying he’ll shoot me if Louis doesn’t come quietly with them. He stopped then and they drove off with him.” Tony covered his face with shaking hands. The image of the gun aimed at his head flashed in his mind. Cheska wrapped an arm around his waist and guided him to a chair. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 23

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Alfred Roucan watched a group of men accompany Louis inside his mansion. He drew away from the window and faced his new chief of security Smith.

“A civilian was with Louis,” Mr. Roucan processed what the man had reported.

“Yes, sir.”

“You used this ‘civilian’ to make my son cooperate.” He sorted the photos on the desk into two categories.

“Louis almost overpowered my men, sir. I had to use his friend as leverage.”

“With threats, I presume. Threatened his life, perhaps?” He folded his hands on the table and locked eyes with Smith. Confident and efficient as always, Mr. Roucan thought. A little overconfident, maybe. “If Louis didn’t act the way you predicted, what would you have done then?” What lengths would you have taken to complete this task? (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 22


The tunnel branched out into two in front of Fred. Zafeera and Electra stood at each opening. A clean breeze wafted from Zafeera’s while Electra’s smelled of earth and plants. They smiled at him and started walking into their respective tunnels. His name on their lips, they stretched an arm out to him, beckoning for Fred to follow one of them. He closed his eyes and willed himself awake. Reopening his eyes, the paths had merged into one. Zafeera and Electra were nowhere to be found. He moved forward, his footsteps rang dully against the hard stone floor. His steps became more urgent as he pressed on. Fred had broken into a run until he saw a woman standing with her back to him. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 21


“If he doesn’t wake up any minute now, I’ll have to call for help,” a feminine voice said.

“Can’t we give him more time?” a man said.

“This might be more serious than it looks,” she replied.

Who are they talking about? Fred thought distantly. More importantly, why are they in my room? His head felt like it would burst with the racket they were causing. He wanted to sleep but instinct told him to stay awake. (more…)