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Children of the Mysts, Chapter 8


Cheska was uncomfortable staying under her uncle’s roof. The King hadn’t wanted the crown and had opposed his sister’s marriage to a Serran; he’d known the prophecy that plagued the women in their line. She had been very young when King Cori visited her mother who was pregnant with Louis at the time. They had argued when they thought they were alone in the garden. And later her uncle’s panicked voice called for help as her mother suddenly went into labor. Louis was born two months premature. Alfred Roucan, unaware of the siblings’ quarrel, had been grateful that his brother-in-law was present.

But the King had been ashamed in front of Cheska. She had sprung up from behind a tree, revealing herself in the process, to bring aid to her mother. Her uncle had left after asking about his sister’s wellbeing. That was the last time she’d seen him until Fred’s suicide mission brought them back together.

Arms circled around her waist. The hum she began to associate with Fred filled her ears. His energy when it touched her skin made her heady and reckless.

“No, don’t turn around yet,” he said when she moved.

She leaned back against him and looked out the window. Cheska couldn’t have been more relieved that Fred returned. If he hadn’t come back she would’ve followed him. But at that moment she wanted to run her hands through his pale hair and — (more…)


Children of the Mysts, Chapter 7


“You know how she is,” the novelist said, his fingers hovered over the holographic keyboard. “You can’t dissuade her once she’s set on doing something. I gave her the data so she would at least know where to go. And it helped, didn’t it?” James’ attention returned to the screen. “I didn’t have much choice, anyway. It was either that or get mauled by a panther.”

“You sound like you know her that well,” the doctor said later.

“Louis and Mr. Roucan can be just as stubborn. It’s a family trait.”

Fred had forgotten that Mr. Roucan had been James’ guardian when the novelist was orphaned. (more…)

Children of the Mysts, Chapter 6


The siblings fell in stunned silence at the doctor’s declaration.

“You’re kidding, right?” Louis asked.

Fred didn’t answer but held his gaze while Cheska’s grip tightened around his fingers.

“You’re serious.” Louis’ brow furrowed. “Why?”

“I died in the forest – or somewhere in Libya. It doesn’t matter where. One of your publicists, staff or James can come up with a viable story.” (more…)

Children of the Mysts, Chapter 5


The worst was over. Fred was alive. He looked different, though. It wasn’t the aftermath of his illness, but the return of his gifts. Changed or not, she was glad Fred lived.

Cheska was also happy to have regained all her memories. It helped her understand her relationship with the doctor. They had found each other when they were both estranged from their families and needed a friend. Had Louis never chatted about the new student like some sort of hero and, sometimes, anti-hero, she wouldn’t have been curious to know Fred.

She was back at the cottage again, trying out a new recipe when someone rapped on her door. That “someone” proceeded to open the door and entered without waiting for an invitation. (more…)

Children of the Mysts, Chapter 4

Evening Song

The King had sent food and clothes in what seemed hours ago, yet the sun remained in its original position in the sky. It looked like time had come to a standstill in the kingdom until music reached Fred’s ears. He got up and stood on the balcony looking for the source.

The handful of people he could see outside had stopped what they were doing. They lifted their faces skyward. A faint hum began from far away. The people on the grounds opened and closed their mouths. Their voices joined the sound which transformed to a song accompanied by an otherworldly music that engulfed the whole kingdom. Fred could barely understand the words, but his ability and a part of him were drawn to it. He began to hum the melody and the crackle of electricity around him took on a musical form that complemented the disembodied orchestra. (more…)

Children of the Mysts, Chapter 3


The Sentry brought them to the suite where Cheska slept. Fred stopped Louis from heading straight to her and shook his head. “You should stay here,” he said. “I’ll check the situation first.”

Louis agreed and gazed worriedly where his sister lay.

The doctor entered the room and noted the drop in the temperature. He lengthened his stride and slipped through the bed curtains. Cheska’s condition hadn’t changed in the way he’d anticipated; her skin glowed with an inner light. He had never seen her do that before, and not knowing was the worst thing to have happened with the limited time he had. Fred turned to the prince, but the boy was in no state to answer his questions.

Noriden was slumped over the foot of the bed. Sweat dampened his hair, turning it to the color of blood. He was ghastly pale and cold to the touch. (more…)

Children of the Mysts, Chapter 2


A thin old man with thick glasses dared stare back at Fred.

The doctor had just returned after leaving the driver tied and gagged in an abandoned warehouse, three towns away from the capital. Then he’d dropped the tracking device on a passing supply truck. All these took him in less than a quarter of an hour only to come back and find the Major had already disobeyed his orders.

The scientist and the officer were fortunate that a table stood between them. The laboratory equipment and chemicals on top of it were the only things that stopped Fred from throwing the man into the cleaning cabinet at the end of the room. And the Major…

The doctor’s gaze snapped to the officer. In a voice dangerously low, he said: “This isn’t what we’d discussed.”

The Major offered a lengthy reply, vouching for his associate’s trustworthiness and discretion and the need for another pair of hands to complete the work much more quickly.

Underneath the cold mask of calculation, Fred’s anger simmered. (more…)