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Liyanna I, Part 3: Liyanna | Chapter 27


The room held minimal furnishings, a small table and chair, a bunk bed, and a cabinet. Its sole luxury was the private bathroom and it belonged to the Liyanna. The perks of her position included having Mindy as her roommate once the girl stopped moping in the dorms. There were five hours left before they traveled to the third dimension.

The smells of the forest seeped through the doorway. Pellinor slipped inside and left the door ajar. He examined her from head to toe and commented, “You look very human.” (more…)


Liyanna I, Part 3: Liyanna | Chapter 28


“Captain. What brings you here, so far from your western borders?” a woman spoke. They were surrounded by female archers. Every one of them was beautiful and deadly. Belts were strapped with throwing knives, a short sword hung by the waist, a quiver of arrows at the back. Their longbows were drawn taut with bolts trained at intruders. The Sentries looked tame compared to these warriors, whose faces lacked emotion. (more…)

Book blurb for Liyanna: The Realms of Ethair

The Realms of Ethair
New cover for The Realms of Ethair

So, what’s new in Liyanna Book 1: The Realms of Ethair?

Apart from the cover that I completely re-designed, I’ve changed my pen name to Cecilia Beatriz. The result of that symbol at the center was accidental. I was doodling and experimenting with curves and before I knew it… Voila!

I love how the knots overlap each other in Celtic tradition that I decided to use this as part of my novel. It actually means something, but I’m not going to spoil it for you. You’ll have to wait for it to be available in Kindle. (more…)