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Updates on Project 1: Liyanna I

The Realms of Ethair Wattpad cover
The Realms of Ethair Wattpad cover

Hello, everyone.

So far, I’ve edited the story to the best of my abilities and it’s available in Wattpad.com with a new title Liyanna Book 1: The Realms of Ethair and book cover.

I’ve entered it in a contest as an incentive to finish revising the novel and as a dare to self. Hehehe.

Am still looking for a friend who’s willing to help me make this book more professional/publishable. In the meantime, comments and suggestions are most welcome.


Project 1: Liyanna I

Hello, everyone.

I’ve recently made this new blog for the purpose of reaching out to writers, editors, and prospective readers. I’m trying to complete a novel and am open to advice and suggestions from you to make this dream come true.

The novel I’ll be posting have 29 chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue.  I’ve recently completed it but still in need of editing to make it publishable. I’ll be posting each chapter twice a week but you can find the completed version in wattpad.com with the working title Liyanna I: Journey. The genre is fantasy with new age terminology involved. I have added in this site’s menu a page called Liyanna with Cast of Characters, Glossary and Table of Contents for your use. But, if you find the technical jargon too much, just leave a comment.

This is actually my first novel and I don’t own a degree in Literature, Creative Writing or English. All I have is my passion for reading and my growing love for writing.

Again, constructive feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you.