Month: October 2014

City of Mysts, Chapter 14


In James’s eyes, one thing about his friend hadn’t changed. Fred would never talk about the past and express his real feelings. Only James’s ability to sense emotions enabled him to know how Fred felt about the subject. It was time to let him choose a new topic.

“I got your message last year,” Fred said.

The email James sent reported that he had tracked down the computer which was used to upload the file. The building where it used to be, however, had been demolished. Further inquiries led him to discover that it was once a computer shop that burned to the ground years ago. James had advised Fred to leave the story on the website since removing it would arouse suspicion. (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 13

Evening Balm

Alexandria Hotel stood at the fringes of civilization. It was flanked by a waterfall and a forest reserve. Although remote, the place screamed of luxury with its quality and understated elegance. A sanctuary to the rich and famous, it guaranteed a place of leisure, rejuvenation, and privacy. Everyone abided with the unofficial rule that no one would breathe a word about its guests to an outsider. It was the main reason Fred booked a room at the hotel.

An abstract painting drew his eye when he first entered his room. He quickly scanned the rest of the area. Spacious and satisfactory, Fred decided. He swung the balcony doors open, letting in the sound of the falls wash over him. He breathed in the fresh air and sighed. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 12

Taking Flight

The clouds parted and one could see a speck in the distance. In a short while, the plane would arrive at the City of Mysts.

A century ago, a massive earthquake displaced land masses all over the world. Small countries in the Pacific Ring of Fire sank to the ocean floor. However, a huge island – a continent resurfaced from the depths of the Pacific Ocean: Lemuria, an ancient land older than Atlantis.

Archibald Sebastian Roucan pioneered the exploration in Lemuria. Having found it rich in history and natural resources, he liquidated his assets and invested on the development of the land. He released his findings to the media, attracting tourists, explorers, archaeologists, and scientists to visit the area.

It was later believed that the land held many secrets for the passages were interwoven and intricate. The tunnels were endless and led deep into the Earth. Those who had ventured further than most had not returned. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 11

The End

He stared at the screen. The word “The End” seemed to dance in front of him – mocking him. Fred ran a hand over his face. The story wasn’t that accurate. Some of the hard facts would be considered imaginative than truth.

In the year 2128, most people were more open-minded to uncanny abilities some of their peers possessed. They didn’t dismiss the existence of empaths and animal whisperers.

Still, the story’s setting was mired in superstitions and speculations befitting its nickname, the City of Mysts. Not a soul had gone to the tunnels and returned in recorded history. (more…)