Aura – is an energy field surrounding an individual’s body. Those with Sight describe its appearance through its color and, sometimes, shape; others who are more sensitive can feel or hear its vibration/frequency. It also reflects the feelings emanating from a person.

-dan  – (or Horldan) means Devarian prince.

Devata – is equivalent of the Good Folk, nature spirits, the Fae (faeries).

Extended senses – relate to heightened physical senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch; and refers to having extrasensory perception (ESP).

Ethair­ – is another name for planet Earth or Gaia.

Glow globe – is a common source of light in Merleina which automatically activates when dark.

Merkaba – is an electromagnetic field that engulfs the physical body in a ball of light allowing the user to travel to different dimensional planes.

Old Tongue – is the ancient tongue which gave birth to the present languages used in Merleina and the Devarian Kingdom.

Pálon – is a tubular device for storing and absorbing energy. It is a temporary solution to alleviate physical tiredness.

-run – (or Volrun) is a title for Devarian lord.

Silver Cord – an invisible cord which connects the spirit to the physical body. Its severance would mean death to the individual.


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