Month: March 2015

City of Mysts, Chapter 26

A/N: Hi everyone. I posted another early chapter since I won’t be online next week. This one here’s a bit more about what Louis has been up to leading to where chapter 25 (thanks for the likes by the way) left off.  All chapters  are self-edited, so I apologize for the technical errors you may find. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂



Louis shoved strands of brown hair in his pocket. All he had to do now was have it tested. The results would force his father to admit the truth. His hand traveled to the photo he kept in his other pocket. His eyes widened as he realized it was gone. Louis cursed at his carelessness while he wracked his brains of where he might have dropped it. Then, he remembered taking it out before Fred’s dark side reared its head. The item should be in the kitchen.

An hour later, Louis returned to Cheska’s bedroom. He ran a hand through his hair, berating himself again for negligence. This would be the last room he hadn’t searched yet. If it wasn’t here, he would have to accept that the picture was lost forever. Louis looked underneath the bed and found nothing, except for a discarded necklace with a slim silver whistle. A sense of familiarity had him reaching for it. He sat upright and pulled out its twin version from around his neck. Side by side, Louis noticed the differences: Cheska’s, a plain silver; while his, engraved with strange curlicues – symbols native to the Mysts. He squinted, trying to make out the writing when he suddenly felt lightheaded. (more…)


City of Mysts, Chapter 25

A/N: Am posting this early since I have to attend to other personal matters this week. I apologise for any technical errors you might find. Haven’t had time to edit this chapter but will get back to it once I get free time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂



The Mysts may be led by a government but a number of people outside the political arena held an equal power to politicians in the running of the land. These individuals were descendants of the first families who decided to take up residence after adventurer and explorer Archibald Sebastian Roucan claimed it as his.

The man had a grand scheme of opening a large part of his new acquisition to refugees from the countries which had sunk into the depths of the ocean. He gathered the first families and set up a temporary ruling class until they could find qualified people to form a government. Once it was established, authority was gradually turned over to the elected body of representatives. (more…)

City of Mysts, Chapter 24

A/N: Hi everyone. It’s been a while so I added a lengthier chapter with a few surprises in store for you; hence, the chapter’s tentative title. Enjoy! 🙂



“They took him,” Tony repeated, catching his breath.

“How? What happened?” Cheska asked. She had witnessed Louis’ skills when he and Tony fought and was astonished at the sudden turn of events.

“We were on our way back when Louis told me that someone was following us. We led them as far away from here as possible. We split up but I got caught. They dragged me to an alley where Louis was fighting off the others. One of them pointed a gun at me, saying he’ll shoot me if Louis doesn’t come quietly with them. He stopped then and they drove off with him.” Tony covered his face with shaking hands. The image of the gun aimed at his head flashed in his mind. Cheska wrapped an arm around his waist and guided him to a chair. (more…)