Month: August 2015

City of Mysts, Chapter 32

A/N: Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t updated for a quite a while.  This month was pretty busy. I had my finals today in one subject and submitted the first project in another. I still have one more project to complete before the end of the semester. I’ll be able write more on the next few weeks…hopefully. Anyway, I had to revise this chapter – our doctor was becoming too passive for my taste. Sorry for the technical errors, I haven’t been able to edit this. 🙂


A Father’s Confession

Fred swallowed. The food had become tasteless as soon as Cheska’s name was brought up. Then…

Her brother. He hoped to have misheard it. The sharp intake of breath beside him, however, didn’t leave room for doubt. Gerry had confirmed two things that could cause irreparable damage in the relationship between father and son: first, Cheska’s real identity; second, Mr. Roucan’s involvement from the very beginning. Fred knew he would have to explain everything to his mom soon. His first priority was to calm Louis, who had stalked over to the door connecting theirs to the study.

The security personnel blocked Louis as expected. Like a good soldier, the former followed his commanding officer’s every word. The guard, however, found himself in a dilemma. Orders were to keep the people from leaving the conference room and to make sure the heir of Roucan Global Enterprises was out of harm’s way. The source of the conflict lay on said successor. (more…)