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e-Publishing Adventures part 2

Note: This is for those who’ve decided to take the indie publishing route. Before you read this post, please visit e-Publishing Adventures part 1.

Applying for an EIN

I called the IRS and was put on queue for 30 minutes. A nice lady called Jane assisted me in applying for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) which took me another 30 minutes. Filling up the form is quite easy. It just took some time since you have to spell everything out and repeat things a few times. My only problem was my name. My first name consists of 3 names (long story) and the field could only fit in two: first and last name. I felt very odd having to pick 1 out of 3. (more…)


e-Publishing Adventures part 1

Liyanna I cover ver.1
First version for book cover of the Realms of Ethair

My decision to publish a novel independently has been an adventure.

The rigors of preparing your manuscript for ebook conversion has taught me a few tricks in Microsoft Word; specifically, creating formatting styles you have to apply to your text, providing a table of contents through hyperlinks and bookmark and doing the proper way of inserting images in your document. Smashwords has a manual to help you with this which you can use for Amazon’s KDP. Other alternatives are to hire someone to do the job for you or download a free template online. (more…)