Rituvans (12000 B.C.)
Alena– Rituvan princess
Rualdor– new king of Rituvan
Kasador– leader of the Drogun riders
Ruario– father of Alena and Rualdor

Kristina Torres – (a.k.a. Tina, Karina, Liyanna) female protagonist
Peter– Kristina’s former boyfriend
Mindy, Liza, Nica – Kristina’s friends
Fred– classmate
Aly– Kristina’s sister
Ana Torres–Kristina and Aly’s mother

Arturion Menesarios – (a.k.a. Arty) Gate Keeper
Sola – Arty’s foster father and Gate Keeper Commander
Sara– priestess; Sola’s mother
Kala – Sara’s apprentice
Reno – Commander of the Black Guards
Cara – Arty’s biological mother
Council of Elders

Forest Folk (Devatas)
Mira, Theona – dryads
Kelor– Devarian noble; and later, lesser prince
Pellinor– Captain of the Sentries of the western borders

Planetary Beings (Aliens)
Galactic Federation (GF)


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